bad habits from using linux

A friend of mine, made a list of bad habits from using  linux, and didn't mind putting them here, well I found many of them just make sense :).  by time I can feel how  these point is touched every day using linux, although I cannot say that all of these points are bad, well linux still rocks.. but .. see down:

WARNING: by using linux day by day .. you' ll END UP LIKE:

1. Doing things the low and boring way:

instead of focusing on the higher level.. and let the OS do the dirty work for you.. you may just start thinking what if that application wasn't installed? can I do it without it ..?!! for example uninstall network-manager, and start using ifup and ifdown this
to bring network down:
sudo ifdown eth0

bring network up
sudo ifup eth0

2. command-line ONLY  huh?!!:

you ended up doing things using command line although there are alternatives, take an example instead of using filezilla which is seems to be best free ftp/sftp gui client for linux.. you'll enjoyed do it with sftp command:
sftp user@server
sftp put
well, there is also HUGE plus for command-line, the flexibility available for you in command-line is not found in most expensive propriety software.. Consider also many command-line programs don't have TRUE GUI counterparts. wget as example.

3. Extensive use of keyboard ( and shortcuts if available :):

if you have ever used vim, I'm sure you know about it. one problem of this habit, you'll discover how websites are really hard to navigate without mouse. to be honest also most web browsers don't provide enough shortcuts, the most web browser I used ans give some good keyboard shortcuts was chromium (google chrome) but its still lack many shortcuts, for example you cannot access bookmark toolbar without using a mouse or touch pad.

4. Spending more time with your computer:

this may or may not be a problem, it depends on your parents :)

5. Using free (TRULY FREE) software instead of propriety one

well this is mainly because of using debian, as debian ONLY contains free software by default (starting from debian 6, squeeze).  you may like to see how debian define free software HERE
the term Linux is strongly-tied to Free software in general.

6. Stop playing games and just be serious

although linux, comes with a large collection of free games, but still feel that games in no way alternatives for those running on other OSs, this thing you must blame game-developing companies for. definitely linux people can live without games

7 Stop caring about using old software, and give stability HIGHER priority

in Linux world, you have to dismiss cutting-edge software if you are think of stability and security are TOP priorities, many if not all of current stable application. can do your work efficiency, the wheel of software developing is not moving really FAST, well you shouldn't blame them, people who are doing things free of charge in their spare time, not like people working FULL time and this is their job( get paid for that).

I won't list how bad is using other OSs, well I think you know why ;) .. and on top of that because I don't use them ;P

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